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Jan 08 , 2014 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'World Nutraceutical Ingredients' growth prospects will exist in substances with clinically supported health benefits and broad applications in foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and adult and pediatric nutritional preparations. Included in this group are soy proteins; oat bran, psyllium, and soy fibers; Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics; omega fatty acids; cranberry and garlic extracts; calcium, magnesium , and zinc minerals; and vitamins A and C.

Brazil, China, India among fastest growing market
Countries such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Turkey will be among the fastest growing consumers and producers of nutraceutical ingredients worldwide. Increasing economic prosperity will enable these countries to expand and diversify their food and beverage, processing, and pharmaceutical industries. In 2017 China , alone, will absorb more than 16 percent of the value of global nutraceutical ingredient demand and will account for over 18 percent of the value of related world shipments.

Because of maturing markets, the supply and demand of nutraceutical ingredients in the United States, Western Europe, and other developed economies will increase more slowly than the average worldwide pace. Nonetheless, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies in these economies will continue to pursue opportunities in conventional and specialty nutritional products and natural medicines. As a result , they will remain key customers for nutraceutical ingredients.

Nutrients to remain top-selling ingredients
Nutrients, including proteins, fibers, and various specialized functional additives, will remain the top-selling group of nutraceutical ingredients worldwide. Proteins will post the fastest demand gains as food and beverage makers throughout the world introduce new high value-added nutritional preparations. Functional additives and fiber nutrients will also fare well in the global marketplace.Demand for these ingredients will gain upward momentum from increasing clinical evidence of health benefits and expanding applications in specialty foods and beverages.

Herbal & other extracts to be fastest growing products
Naturally derived substances, consisting of herbal and botanical extracts and animal- and marine-based derivatives, will command the fastest growth among the three major groups of nutraceutical ingredients. Among these substances, omega fatty acids derived from fish oils and other marine sources will lead gains , reflecting clinically proven cardiovascular benefits and expanding use in dietary supplements and nutritional therapies. The rising popularity of homeopathic remedies, coupled with widespread trends promoting preventive medicine and selftreatment, will impact favorably on global demand for numerous other natural extracts and derivatives, including cranberry, garlic, ginkgo biloba, ginseng; and glucosamine and chondroitin.

Well established applications in food and beverage fortification; infant, adult , and pediatric nutritionals; and dietary supplements will continue to underlie a large global market for mineral and vitamin ingredients. Within this group, essential minerals such as calcium, along with vitamin A and vitamin C substances, will post the fastest gains in world demand.

Study coverage
This upcoming Freedonia industry study, World Nutraceutical Ingredients, is priced at $6300. It presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012) plus forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product , world region, and for 15 countries. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 34 global industry players.
Table of contents :


General 4
World Economic Outlook 6
Recent Economic Trends 7
Economic Projections 9
World Population 12
Total Population 13
Age Distribution 15
World Health Expenditures 16
World Pharmaceutical Shipments 19
World Nutraceutical Product Markets 23
Supply & Demand Patterns 24
Nutraceutical Product Groups 26
Fortified Foods & Beverages 28
Dietary Supplements 29
Infant & Pediatric Nutritionals 29
Adult Nutritionals 30
Nutraceutical-Based Therapies 30

General 32
Historical Demand Patterns 34
World Demand by Product Group 35
World Demand by Region 37
World Shipments by Region 41
International Trade 46
Regulatory Trends 48
Nutrient Ingredients 51
World Demand by Region 51
World Shipments by Region 52
World Demand by Type 54
Protein Additives 55
Soy Proteins 57
Amino Acids 60
Whey Proteins 61
Other Proteins 62
Functional Additives 63
Probiotic Additives 64
Other Functional Additives 67
Caloric & Related Agents 68
Carotenoids 70
Isoflavones 73
Phospholipids 74
Phytosterols 74
Spirulina 76
Tocotrienols 76
All Other Functional Additives 77
Fiber Additives 80
Insoluble Dietary Fiber 81
Soluble Dietary Fibers 82
Herbal & Related Ingredients 87
World Demand by Region 88
World Shipments by Region 89
World Demand by Type 91
Herbal & Botanical Extracts 92
Echinacea 94
Garlic 95
Ginkgo Biloba 97
Ginseng 98
Saw Palmetto 99
St. John’s Wort 100
Other Herbal & Botanical Extracts 102
Fish Oils & Related Substances 111
Non-Herbal Extracts 116
Glucosamine & Chondroitin 117
Coenzyme Q10 119
Melatonin 120
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