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Dealing with a loved one with addiction problems is never an easy thing to do. If for whatever reason that person lives with you Chris Tierney Jersey , your problems may be much worse. The first step towards getting some kind of a handle on your life, and to try to help your friend or loved one, you need to think about the fact that the disease you are dealing with is different in perception than other diseases.

Seeing the reality that you have very little to no control over your loved one who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction (among others) is one of the first things you must realize. For this reason you must be very vigilant in things that you may be doing for the person who is suffering the addiction.

This could be happening in a variety of ways, from lending money to supplying rides or babysitting on demand.

If you are being asked to do even small favors, it probably means that one way or another you are giving aid to the addiction, and not to your friend.

Setting clear boundaries and strict rules can clarify your relationship in a loving way, but the knowledge that unlimited help no longer exists could be just what they need to come to the realization that they are addicted.

For that reason, it is important that you realize that as well - as long as you do not come to terms with that fact Brent Burns Jersey , you are enabling your loved one's bad behavior.

Even though it is easy for people to blame a person for something they did, in the end such actions do not do anything to achieve the most important goal, helping your friend realize that they have a serious problem, and that they need to do something about it.

For people without any addictive tendencies, this condition is hard to understand - but the sooner you realize the reality of an addicts lifestyle, the sooner you can make sure you are not enabling that lifestyle.

And that you are there with spiritual support and love, always. Until the person with the problem comes to terms with that, following those simple rules can make the healing process start sooner.

For each person there is an arc for their addiction - what we as friends and family do San Jose Sharks T-Shirts , and how we treat those people with this terrible problem, can make the odds of a happy, healthy recovery better or worse. Often times, tying to help is in fact helping the addiction and not the person.

The important thing for you to see, and for the family to see, is that the person who has the problem faces that fact, and begins to try to change their behavior. The important thing for you is that you try to offer true support. Avoid condescending or blaming attitudes - addicts are well aware of the damage they have caused.

It will take some people longer than others to come to the realization that they must try on the deepest levels to get better, to deny the part of themselves that for whatever reason has the most control over them. Be there to help them at every step of the way San Jose Sharks Hoodie , knowing that sometimes denying help is actually helping more.

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